Once upon a time, there was a brand who decided to bridge the gap between the often-ridiculous price of fine jewelry and the amazing women who deserve to enjoy it. 

Hello and welcome to VDH!

Everyone here believes our jewelry exists to make you feel something. Whether your piece makes you feel beautiful or confident or sexy or trendy—because what you feel is really up to you—it should always be special, personal and most of all, fun! Otherwise, why in the world would you wear it? 

Van Der Hout Jewelry officially opened in 2017, but it’s an idea a long time in the making. Our founder, Karen Van Der Hout has been surrounded by jewelry, literally, for as long as she can remember. You might even say it’s in her blood. Her father, aunt and uncle all had shops on 47th Street in Manhattan, the famed Diamond District, where a 14-year-old Karen’s eyes were first opened to the creativity, energy and excitement of making jewelry.

During college, Karen worked as an intern in fashion and beauty public relations. The fashion and beauty part definitely stuck and it wasn’t long before she found herself back in the business, once again surrounded by jewelry. You know how it is when you discover a true passion—once a part, never apart. Eventually, after a variety of roles and years of experience, her unique combination of intimate industry knowledge, shrewd business acumen and uncanny knack for identifying trends inspired Karen to do what passionate, driven people often do. She started her own ‘thing.’ So, here we are...and more importantly, here you are. It’s great to meet you!

Now let’s find you something fun to wear.